As I said yesterday, I had to push back Afraid of Heights to this friday, November 4th. But, I still wanted to deliver something today. So here’s the cover, tracklist and one of the songs from the tape that features grammy nominated soul singer Eric Roberson.  A few weeks ago, you may have seen a video of me playing this song on my fender rhodes piano (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzlmCM_UxM0). Now you can hear the complete production. Hope to see you this Friday for the entire experience. Peace and love. - Omen

Omen - Numb ft. Eric Robserson download


"Liberation "

First official release from Afraid of Heights. Produced by me, as is every song on the tape. More details coming soon. Hope y’all enjoy.

- O


Blue Sky Freestyle

download link - http://hulkshare.com/gnjatk35av17

photo by Jason Dorsey

Fresh off performing at H.O.B. this Sunday in Chicago with Cole, I was excited to finally perform in my city. Decided to record this today, just because I love this beat and song. Single for Afraid of Heights is coming next week as well. Project is coming together, sounding great and I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear it. Until then, hope ya’ll enjoy. Peace and love.


I don’t say much outside of my songs. Just quiet by nature, I speak when I have something to say. Every once in awhile, even my own family will find out something that I just forgot to tell them or figured I already did. I mention this because I was speaking with my cousin the other day about people I’ve met on the road and he was looking at me crazy like why hadn’t I told him anything, lol. So, I thought I’d share the rare moments when I got starstruck with you all. The first time was in LA. Cole was working with Dre, so I’m in the lounge of his crazy studio facility with the rest of the Dreamville team. There are pictures of all type of great artist and people on the walls wearing Dre headphones. I’m working on a beat on my computer and Dre comes out and says whats up to me and asks me if i’m working on a beat. I just look up in shock, mumbling something like a lame and say “ye…yea…its an honor to meet you man…” He says he appreciates it and looks at my Beats by Dre headphones and says nice headphones. 

The second time was also in LA. We were in NO ID’s studio while Cole was working on something for the album. Again I’m busy working on a beat in the lounge and Cole comes out and says to me, Omen I wanna introduce you to somebody. Common walks out and though I’m from Chicago and I’ve seen Common perform dozens of times, and my mother even used to do his mother’s hair, I was starstruck again lol. Outside of Nas, he was easily was my biggest influence. I related more to the things he said because of being from Chicago and the details of what he was saying were true to my surroundings. I tell him its an honor and how much he’s inspired me, but I keep it short so I don’t come off looking crazy. Cole tells him I’m from Chicago and about the song Enchanted. He says he’s gonna check it out and that was that. 

Not often, do I get rattled or starstruck but these were some moments for me. I’m sure they won’t be the last. 


Today last year, was my last day working as a telemarketer. I then went on a college tour and BET Music Matters tour with Cole, then a European tour with Cole/Drake, then another US tour with Cole and Rihanna. A lot can happen in a year. Keep believing in what you want to happen. 

shot by Jason Dorsey

shot by Jason Dorsey

Cole World: Dreamville Golf from Gneiss Pictures on Vimeo.

Never been so bad at a sport in my life.

Not an expert on Jazz at all, but its probably my favorite genre of music outside of Hip-Hop and R&B. For those in the mood. 

A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moment, because they’re so busy trying to get a happy life.

This is a song from Afraid of Heights called Numb that I was recorded playing on my Fender Rhodes. Living in Chicago, you always see tons of homeless people everywhere, and one day I just wondered what it would be like to write from their perspective.

This is inspiring and definitely true. Can’t count how many times I’ve forgotten to eat. Success is an obsession.

Do the hard stuff

Do the hard stuff, because it is the fulfilling stuff. Do the hard stuff, because it brings out your best.

Yes, it’s a lot of work and a lot of trouble, frustrating and inconvenient. So spend a few minutes complaining about it if that will make you feel better.

Then, get over your reluctance, get past your resistance, and get to work on getting it done. Ramp up your determination, make the commitment, and dive in.

Soon you’ll be feeling how good it feels when you’re creating value that never existed before. Soon you’ll find yourself being carried along by the momentum of achievement.

Don’t merely embrace the challenges. Go out and look for the most meaningful and valuable ones.

Choose to do the hard stuff, finding delight in the efforts you’re able to make. And you’ll enjoy the richest, longest-lasting, most fulfilling rewards.

— Ralph Marston

Voli - Look Up (prod. by Voli & Omen)

Incredible song by Voli that I had the  pleasure of helping produce. Also, make sure to check out his new mixtape, In The Meanwhile here — http://www.djbooth.net/index/mixtapes/entry/voli-in-the-meanwhile/